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Delivered delightful experiences to make an impactful product

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The Debt Capital Markets Infrastructure of USA


Designed a platform from a scratch for transparency and efficiency in capital market transactions with the help of Blockchain. The major problems we solved that aligning a journey of 6 types of users to achieve the end goal, ease-of-use.

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An Ecosystem to align Students, Universities & Corporates


Designed a platform from scratch to provide tamper-proof digital credentials, certificates, and badges using Blockchain technology. The major problems we solved that solving the complexity and crafting seamless experiences for different types of user.

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A Divine platform to deliver Spiritual content to Devotee


Accelerating a platform by accommodating a bunch of new features with revamping the existing platform. The major challenge is creating a delightful experience for a vast range of target audiences across different types of devices.

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Blockchain-based solution for secure organ tracking


The body organ supply chain is the most sensitive area of the healthcare industry. We designed a platform that helps private and government hospitals to manage the organ supply chain with the collaboration of the Maharastra government entities.

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A Finacial brokerage firm helps to invest in Mutual Funds, IPOs, etc..

GEPL Capital

With a drastic shift in the Investment industry, the client was started aiming for a layman but facing an issue of higher bouce rate on the onboarding process. The major challenges were lengthy process, restriction from regulator, inefficient flow.

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Software license audit and usage tracking solution

Fortune Global 500 company

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